Sunday, November 8, 2009

Live @ Extremefest

One Grisly Day
Live @ Extremefest

1. Moonscape
2. Nero Fiddler
3. The Legend of the Weeping Willow
4. Ritual

released May 1, 2009
on Skrow! Media


Skrow! Media says ....

The first day of May, 1999. Cleveland (and very Skrow!-oriented) folk-influenced black metal group One Grisly Day’s performance at a gig dubbed Extremefest, at the famous Peabody’s (the old Peabody’s), is faithfully taped to camcorder and rendered to VHS by… someone. Someone else entirely (like, the drummer) would later unearth this tape, capture the audio, and humbly request its release here on Skrow!.

Thus, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of this performance, the long-since-defunct One Grisly Day achieve their Skrow! debut. As the only recording with this lineup, including two songs never recorded elsewhere, this 24 minute set is a fitting document of the band’s early era (before many lineup changes and the eventual transmogrification into groovecore band Screaming Underwater), complete with blistering guitars, harrowing screams, and production as GR1M, N3KR0 and, dare I say, TR00… as you could ever want it. Please crank this for posterity.