Sunday, November 8, 2009

One Grisly Day - The Band

One Grisly Day
(1998-2001, 2009-present)

Allen Thompson (drums, guitar)
Jason George (guitar, vocals)

Allen Thompson (drums, guitar, 1998-2001)
Jason Krzepina (guitar, 1998-99)
Joe Waltz [aka Surt] (bass, guitar, vocals, 1998-2001)
Tom Shaffner (vocals, guitar, 1998-99)
Shawn Gaspar (guitar, 1999)
Miranda Busler (vocals, 1999-2001)
Todd (guitar, 1999-2001)
Katie Mathias (viola, 2000-01)
Dave Schneider (guitar, 2000-2001)
Pat Schneider (bass, vocals, 2000-2001)
Jason George (guitar, vocals, 2000-2001)

was formed Autumn 1998 under the direction of Jason Krzepina and Allen Thompson. They had been writing songs of a black metal nature over the course of a year when in late 1998 they were offered an opening slot on the Extremefest bill slated for May 1, 1999. With only Allen on drums and Jason on guitar, the two quickly solidified the line-up and added Joe Waltz [aka Surt] then of Sanctorum (currently Black Trinity), on bass and Tom Shaffner, then of Chokeslam (currently Keratoma) to handle the vocal duties.

With only a few months preparation, One Grisly Day finalized the four songs that would become the set-list for the much anticipated Extremefest. This would also be the only time two of the songs were played live and the only performance with the line-up.

The following years saw a number of line-up changes with Tom adding additional guitar along with his vocal position. He left shortly thereafter to focus on his other bands. Remaining members Allen, Jason and Joe recruited Shawn Gaspar on guitar and Miranda Busler on vocals. The new line-up saw the band attempting to move in a more symphonic metal direction.

To the dismay of the growing line-up, Jason Krzepina left the band for personal reasons in late 1999. Shawn Gaspar left shortly after that. The remaining line-up of Miranda Busler, Allen Thompson and Joe Waltz carried on with practices and focused on preparing for future shows. Joe moved from bass to guitar for the time being.

By recommendation, along came viola player Katie Mathias who joined the ranks of OGD mid-2000. In an effort to bore you with all of the little details, one must digress and tell the story of how the one known as OGTodd came about. Drummer, Allen Thompson was browsing through the Therion CDs at a local HMV when someone came up to him highly recommending the band. A man named Jon and a family friend visiting from Hungary struck up a conversation about metal music and the like. They got to discussing One Grisly Day and the search for a guitar player. Jon suggested we contact his friend Todd to try out for the band. A number of guitarists had since tried out and it seems Jon and his friend came along at the right time to recommend Todd. Now with Todd in the line-up Joe moved back to bass and the band began to work on new material.

One Grisly day were offered another spot on the annual Extremefest along side Rain Fell Within and Novembers Doom in 2000. Extremefest organizer Michael Daimon offered to add to the line-up on male vocal duties. Regrettably the band was not able to prepare for the fest and had to pull out. Recording of a still untitled track commenced with the line-up of Miranda Busler (vocals), Todd (guitar), Katie Mathias (viola), Allen Thompson (drums), Joe Waltz (bass). Unfortunately the vocals were never properly recorded so the song remains an instrumental track and the only known recording of that line-up. Again the band found itself being depleted. Katie left the band and so did Joe Waltz to focus on other projects. Joe agreed to stay on board as a fill-in until more members were found.

Once more through a personal recommendation, a numbers of musicians were brought along for a try-out. Dave Schneider and his brother Pat Schneider brought their guitar and bass respectively. A friend of theirs Jason George tagged along with his guitar and mic too. All three were admired for their commitment, ability and open mind. Soon the band found itself bursting at the seems again, with a line-up now consisting of Miranda Busler (vocals), Todd (guitar), Jason George (vocals, guitar), Dave Schneider (guitar), Pat Schneider (bass), and Allen Thompson (drums). A number of live appearances were made including opening slots for Myth and Mushroomhead.

The Spring of 2001 saw Miranda Busler leave the band on what would have been the standout gig for One Grisly Day. They landed an opening spot on the Opeth/Nevermore tour date in Cleveland (The Flying Machine, Lorain, Ohio). The show was canceled the day of as the tour stayed behind in NJ for apparent medical reasons on the part of Nevermore. Jason took over lead vocal duties from there.

The band immediately got to work cutting a demo of new material, along with re-recorded versions of "Moonscape" and "The Legend of the Weeping Willow" from the first line-up. After that the band landed a spot on the World Series of Metal 2001. Todd exited One Grisly Day before the gig and the band was forced to perform as a four piece on short notice.

Upon discussion the remaining members, Jason, Dave, Pat and Allen decided that with the direction the music has taken and the numerous line-up changes since its inception, it would be best to change the name. Thus Screaming Underwater was born and One Grisly Day was put to rest after 3 years.

Screaming Underwater continued to feature the One Grisly day song "The Legend of the Weeping Willow" in their repertoire.

For the 10th Anniversary of the first One Grisly day show, a special archival release was prepared. Live @ Extremefest was released May 1, 1999 on Skrow! Media and features the four song set-list that was presented to the audience at Peabody's in Cleveland Ohio May 1, 1999. Skrow! Media has this to say about Live @ Extremefest...

"The first day of May, 1999. Cleveland (and very Skrow!-oriented) folk-influenced black metal group One Grisly Day’s performance at a gig dubbed Extremefest, at the famous Peabody’s (the old Peabody’s), is faithfully taped to camcorder and rendered to VHS by…someone. Someone else entirely (like, the drummer) would later unearth this tape, capture the audio, and humbly request itsrelease here on Skrow!.

Thus, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of this performance, the long-since-defunct One Grisly Day achieve their Skrow! debut. As the only recording with this lineup, including two songs never recorded elsewhere, this 24 minute set is a fitting document of the band’s early era (before many lineup changes and the eventual transmogrification into groovecore band Screaming Underwater), complete with blistering guitars, harrowing screams, and production as GR1M, N3KR0 and, dare I say, TR00… as you could ever want it. Please crank this for posterity."

In the Autumn of 2009, over 8 years after One Grisly Day's first show. Allen Thompson, the only original member of the band resurrects the black metal band. New material is currently in the works and focuses on the black metal roots that gave it it's start. The hopes are to have an album out by Winter 2010.